quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013

May 2010, he said

My heart is broken, or maybe just damaged, and so I asked him 'what do you wish for?' for no answer I was expecting.
'May 2010' he said 'when the last happy summer had gone by and the newest was yet to begin, when I was whole and had found peace. I had learned to love without being burnt and was quite satisfied with smiles of friends, perspectives of future, the loving family and that feeling I struggled so much to find. A mist of love, harmony and peace.'
'May 2010, before I got broken of so much love that it hurted, before I lost the floor beneath my feet, the rock where I stood always, no matter how far or how close to the sea I was, before finding that love is not enough, before I was given and torned apart. 
In May 2010 when I was whole and the future was a smilling perspective'

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