segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

There was rain and hot tea...

Beautiful never sleeping London... I loved you since before I touched your grounds with my feet.

Always energetic, people passing by talking a multitude of languages, tea and coffe cups (how I miss them back here), fashion and style, chilly moornings and rainy afternoons.
Convent Garden and the Seven Dials, Westminster and the tall imposing Big Ben. The brown river and the London Brigde. The far away London Eye. The houses and their colourful doors, their red bricks and open curtains.

I missed you at every corner and so many times I though I saw you, walking as if the street was yours.
I had this dream that never came true, maybe life didn't let me or maybe I just sabotage myself over and over again. I was afraid and know I now, I would be fine in the city... I just missed the opportunity.

I had this dream...

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