terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

August Break #22 | There are tears in my eyes

Saudade *
Panasonic Lumix

[* Saudade is a portuguese word hard to translate, it describes a mix of loss, distance and love. One can feel saudade of a lot of things, of someone one loves deeply and is no longer around and close, of a faraway friend, of (sacred) places with special meaning, of love, of time that has gone by.
And today on my way to work I felt saudade of those old days, when we were younger, we were all together and unconsciously I believed we were forever and of that amazingly beautiful old beach with hot water and white sand]

August Break #21 | The Weathervane & the seagull

The Weathervane & the Seagull
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August Break #20 | Reflections

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sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011

Creative Exchange ~ On my way home

I'm enjoying some days of vacation under the sun, by the sea with my feet buried in the sand.
I had decided to photograph this passage when leaving the beach with the sunset as a source of light. This was made with wood from old railway roads, amazingly it still smells like trains and stations and oil.
This photo is for Lisa's Creative Exchange.

By the way, today's World Photography Day! And I have been experience my lomo fisheye, I'm really really happy with my purchase, I will post some photos after developing.

August Break 11#17 | There were stars in my eyes

There were stars in my eyes
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