quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

The Sunday Creative *** Perspective

[noun: 1. the science of painting and drawing so that objects represented
have apparent depth and distance
2. the aspect in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed]

{Perspective over Poe}

This weeks theme for Sunday Creative over at Madeline's is Perspective and this photo is the one I chose to answer the challenge.
I'm a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, and this book was bought on a sales bookstore and it's beautiful, well at least on my eyes! It is a compendium of his (fantastic) tales in english with gorgeous illustrations.
I like to sink in bed, knees bent, book on my lap and read a tale by the lamp light.
Take a look at everyone else's perpectives!
O tema desta semana no Sunday Creative criado e aninhado no blog da Madeline é Perspectiva. E esta foto é a resposta ao desafio lançado.
Sou grande fã de Edgar Allan Poe, adoro a escrita, este livro foi comprado numa livraria outlet, e é lindo, pelo menos aos meus olhos! É uma colectânea das suas estórias (do fantástico) em inglês com ilustrações deslumbrantes.
Adoro sentar-me na cama, encostada à almofada, joelhos dobrados, livro no colo e ler um conto à luz do candeeiro.
Espreita todas as outras perspectivas!

2 comentários:

Miss Becky disse...

it's a beautiful expression of perspective. I'm on a "perspective" tour, just seeing what everyone is expressing and yours is unique and truly refreshing. have a beautiful weekend!

Anónimo disse...

Great take on perspective.
Nice image.... to curl up in bed with this.