terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Creative Exchange ~ Old Green Door

I went on a door and window hunt on the old part of Lisbon. Unfortunatly it started to rain and I got soaked to the bones, had no umbrella or raincoat... It was quite the adventure!
Anyway, I just adore the lined up door bells on the left side of this really old door. Also in this building a portuguese historical personality was born.
I decided to choose this photo for Lisa's Creative Exchange.
Decidi fazer um passeio em busca das velhas portas e janelas de Lisboa. Infelizmente começou a chover, sem abertas ou intervalos, e eu fiquei molhada que nem um pinto, sem chapéu-de-chuva nem gabardina... foi uma aventura e tanto!
Continuando, eu simplesmente adora as campainhas todas alinhadas na vertical no lado esquerdo desta velha porta de tons verdes lascados. Neste edifício nasceu uma personalidade histórica que neste momento não consigo recordar quem.
Decidi escolher esta fotografia para partilhar no Creative Exchange criado pela Lisa.

8 comentários:

lisa disse...

LOVE those doorbells Amiana!! Also love the perspective you used here.

I sure hope you got dried off and warmed up quickly. What we won't do for a shot huh?

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange!

Have a wonderful day.


justine disse...

wonderful shot, makes you want to push the door and go inside, looks like it must be the door to an amazing building.

Pat disse...

A lovely image! I love the green, peeling paint and the fretwork on the door. Okay, what historical person was born there?

gina disse...

Your door image is lovely! I love old doors -- they really do tell a story, don't they?

Anónimo disse...

Fantastic shot... I'm thinking the bell go to different apartments in the building?

Have a great week! =)

Anónimo disse...

Lovely old door - the battered green paint, the fretwork, even the key escutcheons. Fab find. :)

Amiana Li disse...

@Pat, the person that was born in that building became one of Portugal Presidents, also during his mandate Salazar became prime-minister, resulting in a regime that lasted for several decades, only death took both of them away from power, although the regime lasted until 1974.

Evelyn S. disse...

So beautiful! Old doors are fascinating, but I don't get to see very many of them.

I love the color, too.