quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

The Sunday Creative *** Indulge

[1. to yield to, satisfy, or gratify.
2. To yield to the wishes or whims of, be lenient or permissive with.
3. To allow oneself to follow one's will.]

In this cold weather there's is just one thing I would gladly indulge in, carrying firewood and light the fire in my grandma's living room fireplace. I don't mind the small cuts in my fingers or getting my hands dirty because it is so great to be by the fire with ones you love and just appreciating and living that moment.
This is my choice for this week's Sunday Creative.
Neste tempo frio existe uma coisa que eu alegremente acarinho, carregar lenha e acender o lume na lareira da sala-de-estar da minha Avó. Não me importo com os pequenos cortes que faço nos dedos nem em sujar as mãos, porque é maravilhoso estar à lareira perto daqueles que amamos e a apreciar e viver o momento.
Esta é a minha escolha para o Sunday Creative desta semana.

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justine disse...

I so agree with you, nothing nicer than a cozy fire to indulge in. This looks such an inviting picture and thanks so much for entering.