quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010

Creative Exchange ~ Travel

I love to travel.
This photo was taken with my cellphone and while I was on the road last year. I gave it a black & white treatment with photoshop.
This is for Creative Exchange, which I missed last week due to the caotic week I had. I hope to be able to continue posting every week from now on!

4 comentários:

lisa disse...

I love this shot Amiana, and I think it's perfect in B&W.

Thank you so much for sharing it this week at The Creative Exchange!

justine disse...

this is great in black and white

LisaF disse...

This shot is very interesting. Is it one photo? It looks like you layered three photos together. Love it in black and white.

Amiana Li disse...

Hello LisaF, welcome to my blog :)
This is only one photo but it was taken using a sequence of three different shots. I used an app that cames with my cellphone.