quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010

Creative Exchange ~ hobby

This is my vintage camera.
It was given to me by my grandfather one day when I was paying him a visit while he tried to recover from a stroke. I had some pictures with me taken with my family's old cannon to show him and out of the blue he offered me this beautiful camera. I have never used it and don't even know if it actually works but has never left my shelf, maybe someday I will give it a try.
My grandfather knew me too well, after all my first photograph was taken when I was 7 and a couple of years later my parents offered me my first camera, it was blue. I was happy!
And what better to start Creative Exchange at Lisa's than sharing one of my favorite hobbies?

Esta é a minha máquina fotográfica vintage.
Foi-me dada pelo meu Avô, um dia em que fui visitá-lo quando ele tentava recuperar dum AVC. Eu tinha levado algumas fotografias tiradas com a velha cannon, a máquina fotográfica da família para lhe mostrar e assim de repente ele ofereceu-me esta bela máquina. Eu nunca a utilizei e nem sei se funciona bem mas nunca deixou a minha estante, talvez um dia eu a experimente.
O meu Avô conhecia-me bem, afinal a primeira fotografia que tirei tinha eu uns 7 anos e uns dois anos depois os meus pais ofereceram-me a minha primeira máquina fotográfica, era azul. Eu estava feliz!
E qual a melhor maneira para começar o Creative Exchange do que partilhar um dos meus hobbies preferidos?

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lisa disse...

I have a collection of old cameras. Some of them still work, and many of them don't, but I love them all the same. Odd as it may seem, sometimes I can just stare at them for the longest time, and I always find myself wondering about all the things they "saw."
This one looks like a beauty. If you get to try it out, let me know, as I would love to see the photos.
Thank you for sharing this!


Anónimo disse...

Beautiful old camera. I'm with Lisa, sometimes I see old cameras like this and wonder what they've seen and in fact who the person was who held them because cameras become like friends to those who love photography, don't they?