terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

August Break #31 | The end

Today is the last day of August break!
Unfortunatly the past few days I had few chances or inspiration to write and post photos.
So for the last day of August break a photo miscellanea :).

August Break #23 | Green Little Frogs

The summer is really hot on the south part of the country were my grandma has a house with a porch and a small garden manly filled with roses.
Usually when it is too hot during the day and the night is quite nice with no mosquitos around bitting our flesh we have dinner outside in the porch. And it is amazing what one might find living in the back yard if only the ears and the eyes are kept open and attentive.
There is a couple of Mediterranean Tree Frogs (known in my country as Rela) living in the corner of the garden, during the day they hide in the cabinet and at night they walk out through the holes in the doors onto the grass and then the male stars singing. If one is not paying atention the song will be unnoticed along with all the other sounds and songs of nocturnal animals. Luckily that wasn't the case and I got myself some really cool pictures.
I hope they weren't disoriented with the flash.


I just dive

serial on love #1

"I still hope to have those happy moments in the morning, like the ones shown on tv dramas.
I don´t want to be hurt so I don't want a love life."
by 池玲文

segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

happiness is...

... watch a crazy strange movie with friends... and spend the rest of the time discussing it while laughing!

... ver um filme estranho e maluco com amigas... e passar o resto do tempo a discuti-lo enquanto nos rimos!

quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

August Break #22 | São Rosas

Legend has it that King Dinis was informed about the charity actions performed by Queen Isabel and the expenses done at the cost of the royal treasure.
One day the King decided to surprise the Queen in one of her usual walks through the countryside to distribute alms and food among the poor and the needy, he noticed that she was trying to conceal what she was carrying in her lap, and so he asked her where she was going and what was she carrying, to what she answered that she was going to the monastery to decorate the altars.
But the King was not pleased with the Queen's answer and asked to see what she was carrying. After some awkwardness, the Queen aswered "They are roses, my Lord!". Suspicious, the King accused her of lying for it was not possible to have roses in January. The he forced her to show what was hiden inside her robes.
Queen Isabel open her arms and before astonished eyes roses fall into the floor. Miraculously, the bread that she had concealed in her robes had been transformed into roses. The King was speechless and asked the Queen for forgiveness who continue with her charity work.
The news of the miracle was told from mouth to ear throughout the City of Coimbra and the people proclaimed Saint Queen Isabel.


Reza a lenda que o rei D. Dinis foi informado sobre as acções de caridade da rainha D. Isabel e das despesas que implicavam para o tesouro real. Um dia, o rei decidiu surpreender a rainha numa das suas habituais caminhadas para distribuir esmolas e pão aos necessitados. Reparou que ela procurava disfarçar o que levava no regaço. D. Dinis perguntou à rainha onde ia e ela respondeu que se dirigia ao mosteiro para ornamentar os altares. Não satisfeito com a resposta, o rei pediu para ver o que ela levava. Após alguns momentos de atrapalhação, D. Isabel respondeu: "São rosas, meu senhor!". Desconfiado, o rei acusou-a de estar a mentir, uma vez que não era possível haver rosas em Janeiro. Obrigou-a, então, a abrir o manto e revelar o que estava lá escondido. A rainha Isabel mostrou, perante os olhos espantados de todos, as belíssimas rosas que guardava no regaço. Por milagre, o pão que levava escondido tinha-se transformado em rosas. O rei ficou sem palavras e acabou por pedir perdão à rainha que prosseguiu com a sua intenção. A notícia do milagre correu a cidade de Coimbra e o povo proclamou Santa a rainha Isabel de Portugal.

terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010

Albert Einstein once said If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!

Today, bees are disappearing from my country and no one knows why, researchers and investigators are trying to figure out what is going on, but while time goes by so do bees keep on leaving their beehives.

The story and possible reasons
--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--.--Albert Einstein uma vez disse que se as abelhas desaparecessem da superfície da terra, a humanidade não teria mais do que quatro anos de vida. Sem abelhas não existirá polinização... logo será o fim da humanidade.

Hoje as abelhas estão a desaparecer em determinadas zonas do país e ninguém sabe ao certo porquê, investigadores estão a tentar perceber o que se passa, mas enquanto não se consegue encontrar a razão as abelhas continuam a abandonar as colmeias.

A história e as possíveis razões

August Break #21 | Inside the old castle

segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

August Break #20 | Vintage feeling

It just makes your imagination run wild when seeing such a beautiful vintage car.

August Break #19 | Skeins of Wool

This one was taken in one of those old haberdashery stores where you can find almost anything related with the fine arts of 'make it yourself'. I liked a lot the way the skeins were tidy. Unfortunatly, this was the only photo I took inside the shop.

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August Break #9 | Sunset

Na Mesa de Cabeceira #9

Há já muito, muito tempo, nas margens do lago Mimidoro, a que hoje se chama Mizoro, a nordeste de Quioto, um casal de patos-mandarim vivia em paz...

"Toda a infelicidade dos homens advém de que eles não vivem no mundo, mas no seu mundo."

O finito é o infinito, e o infinito o finito.
O presente é a eternidade.
in Os Melhores Contos Zen

August Break #8 | The Window by the Garden

segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010


"(...) pensar que uma das mais importantes capacidades humanas é a imaginação, pelo que o objectivo da sua actividade criativa é desenvolver a imaginação das crianças, das futuras gerações. A imaginação pode criar um mundo totalmente diferente, dependendo do modo como é usada. Pode dar à luz a virtude ou as armas destrutivas que ameaçam o mundo inteiro. Ele referiu ter medo desse risco potencial."

Hayao Miyazaki in O Japão é um Lugar Estranho

sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010

August Break #6 | Colours

I have a polaroid (joycam) and unfortunatly the IMPOSSIBLE project doesn't sell films for this camera in the area I live... maybe one day who knows!
Because of that I am very picky with what I would like to photograph, maybe one day I will lose my mind a buy a new polaroid camera or I could go insane save up some €€ and buy a vintage one :).

Maybe some day! But until then I share with you three of my polaroids for day 6 of August Break.

Tomorrow is journey day, I hope I get to take some nice pictures to share :)

August Break #5 | Thorns

This agressive cactus gives the most beautiful flowers one wouldn't expect.
The first time it bloomed I was astonished, this summer is particularly special for it is blooming non stop. And I keep taking pictures of the yellow flowers when the warmth of the day opens their petals.

August Break #4 | Summer in the City

Lisbon is freaking hot on summer days but even so so worth of walking around!
And this was taken downtown, near the river which one can see if only one narrows their eyelids!

August Break #3 | angels throught my kaleidoscope monocle

This is the result of a wicked and funny birthday present... a new perspective everyday!

segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

august break #2 | summer salad

I'm so proud!
The tomato, the green pepper and the basilicum are all products of my small 'garden'!

It was yummy... :)

august break #1 | kiyohara no fukayabu

TOO short the lovely summer night,
Too soon 'tis passed away;I watched to see behind wich cloudThe moon would chance to stay,And here the dawn of day!

from 'A hundred verses from Old Japan'