domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Inner monologues #1

What is this intense light? What is that roared sound? From where does this screaming voice come? Inside my head a voice is yelling to save you, to push you out of the road, to push you…
It’s still night, every thing is so calm.
Why is there blood on your face? Did you get hurt?
No, I think I am the one hurt here. What is this feeling? It’s like I’m floating on jelly. My ears are whirring, I can not hear what you are saying, and your lips keep moving calling my name.
You are crying. I think I’m going to die here. Tears are running down your face, falling on my chest.
Such an irony, the last thing I wanted to see before I died was your smile. There really was a time when I though I could have been saved by your smile.
By Amiana Li
(inspired by nihon)

3 comentários:

Ventania disse...

Smiles can have the power to save lives, just as tears can break up dreams...

Amiana Li disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Amiana Li disse...

your words are wise and so true, my friend.